Video Speed Controller

September 5, 2018

Been trying to build a Video Speed Controller chrome extension.



Short one

March 10, 2009

MSN disconnected. Maybe its a sign that I should be getting back to my studies. Yes. STUDIES. I have got a forensics paper on the 23rd of March. Fail it and I can’t register as a full pharmacist. (but fail can try again la). To think that after all i’ve been thru in uni I still have to sit for exams. This would probably be my last exam for the rest of my life.

Other than that, lifes been okay. I keep telling myself that everyday is a new day full of oppurtunities. Oppurtunities to do something new and exciting, to meet someone new, to have an interesting conversation with someone you don’t know too well. Stuff like that, and I find that it really helps me live a more meaningful life.

Before you know it, you’re already in the 40s (no offense to the baby boomers) and you’d be regretting you didn’t talk to that girl 20 years ago when you had the chance. So if you’re reading this, do someone out of the ordinary today. Whether its hitting on some girl or just doin some random deed of kindness. Life is meant to be enjoyed. Enjoy the journey, enjoy the process.

I’m coming back KL this weekend. If anyone wants to meet up give me a shout.


Kulai Adventure

March 4, 2009

Everybody wants to do something crazy every now and then. I’ll get to that in awhile. But first…

We were informed by our head last week that we had to attend a seminar in JB over the weekend introducing us to our job (even though some of us have already been around for half a year). So we ‘ll made plans for the coming weekend (meet up imu mates, makan, cheong-k, dagei etc) and last minute we were told that the seminar has been moved to KULAI.

Omfg Kulai. It first thought it was some kampung ulu-ish place worst than Muar. Upon arrival, we gave a sigh of relief as the place wasn’t too shabby for a small town. It had clean hotels (and really dirty ones e.g ‘hotel happiness’) So on Friday night we just mamaked and went to bed early for the next day.

It was great meeting up with all our IMU mates. There was almost 20 of us posted to Johor. I also had the oppurtunity to meet other Johor Pharmacists. That being said, the lecture was long and boring. The big bosses tried to scare us and the small bosses did the same by showing us how much requirements we had to meet in the year, which mostly applied to JB pharmacist, thank goodness im in Muar.

So at night we had a huge tai-chow with the IMU gang. After that, us muar pharmacists decided to hangout at the local cafe as there were some singers playing music and singing chinese emo songs ala Halo Cafe style.

So a guy was playing the guitar while accompanied by 2 young girls who had amazing voices. To be honest I was quite mesmerized by their singing. I seldom get the chance to visit halo-cafeish places u see. Anyway, for some reason I decided that I wanted to make friends with them. So during the intermission I just walked up to their table and sat down and starting talking to them. Yup, it was totally random, but luckily they were really friendly. We chatted for awhile and when I brought up that I was also a fan of chinese emo songs and played the guitar, they had this crazy idea of asking me to go up and play. I hesitated for awhile and then i thought to myself ‘fuck it, this is Kulai. Nobody is going to remember me after this. What have I got to lose?’

So yeah. This is one of the craziest things I’ve done in my life. Randomly walking up to strangers and then going up to perform guitar in front of Kulai-ians. Well, i’m glad I did it, it felt amazing, and I made new friends in a small town called Kulai =)

I’m going to share the video here as well.


Complaint letter to Trans-assional.

February 22, 2009

To whom it may concern,

The reason I am writing this letter is to express my utmost disappointment towards the services provided by your company.

Every single time I sit on your bus, something goes terribly wrong. The 1st time I bought your ticket, not only was the counter sales person unfriendly and cooperative, the bus was late by a whole 40 minutes, causing not only me but 20 other passengers to sweat profusely and breathe in dirty bus exhaust while waiting for the bus to arrive.

The second time I used your services, the bus was late again by at least half an hour. I understand that sometimes, SOMETIMES there will be unforseen circumstances which cause delays in bus departure times, but based on my experiences with your services and that of my peers, I feel very, very sorry for any future customers you may have.

Today once again, I decided to give your company a chance to restore its already tarnished reputation. To my amazement, the bus was suprisingly early this time around. I happily boarded the bus, expecting to arrive at my destination in its expected 2 hours, but guess what? Your bus broke down several times throughout the journey. This has caused me much emotional and physical frustration. To add salt to the wound, there was no toilet stop along the way, and the bus had to break down in the middle of nowhere along the highway, causing me to weigh the pros and cons of peeing on the highway against possible bladder dysfunction. Me being a guy chose the latter, and I ended up having suffer for another 150 minutes (which is approximately the amount of time i need to complete 3/4 the whole journey if I were to drive myself.) If I ever discover that my sexual capabilities gets compromised after this incident, I swear I will sue your company for every cent its worth (assuming its worth anything).


A very upset ex-customer.


The curse is broken.

February 15, 2009

Hah! Thought this blog was dead didnt you? No no no, khaiyong.wordpress.com shall never vanish. I’ve got plans of moving to my own domain name soon.

Meanwhile, hospital life has been good. I have found a bizarre attraction to the business in the outpatient department. I guess thats what you get after being posted to other boring pharmacy departments ๐Ÿ˜›

Happy belated valentines day to everyone! If you have foundย  your chosen one, good for you. If not, fret not! There’s a gazillion fishes in the sea and you aren’t alone in the struggling to find true love.

As for my goals, I still haven’t forgotten about it and i’m still as fired up as ever. Just takes some time to get started and its in the works as we speak ๐Ÿ™‚

I realized I don’t blog as much as I used to. I’ve kinda lost my flare for blogging, maybe due to boredom or other personal problems, but whatever it is, i’m going to get it back. 1 blog post a day!! roarr



February 1, 2009

Boohoo, back in Muar again after an 11-day long CNY break.

But this time, i’m filled with energy like never before. No, not because I can’t wait to get back to the hospital, but because I’ve made a crucial decision which may change my life forever.

I’m not gonna reveal yet what my plans are until I’ve got something more solid to show, but I hope this blog posts would keep me motivated to achieve my goals and keep the fire burning in me. FIGHTO!

K, time to hangup the clothes. Stay tuned!


New Horizons

January 30, 2009

Hey there.

Just a quick post before I rush off to visit a friend at the Hospital.

Since I was young, my parents have always guided me everystep of the way, which has landed me in the career path i’m in. I have always had dreams of escaping 9-5, influenced by my brothers – one has made a big name for himself as the owner my Malaysia’s largest online youth survey community and the other has proven himself to become an upcoming and successful Internet Marketer.

I know that being a pharmacist might be able to give me the financial freedom I want IF i work hard enough, but seeing that i’ve got so many people surrounding me doing so many interesting things, I thought why not i’d give it a shot as well? I’ve got the freedom to dabble (no financial constraints unlike others who are less fortunate), i’ve got the right tools, teachers and mindset, I got nothing to lose.

Whenever people ask me what are my passions, I could never give a good answer. But i’m starting to find what I really want now, and what I want is to get rich young ๐Ÿ˜€ The journey will be hard this year, but unlike my previous attempts, I won’t give in so easily this time. As the chinese saying goes, “xian ku hou tian”, meaning, bitterness first followed by sweetness. I can taste that sweetness already.