IMU Foosball Club

March 24, 2006

Good news! I’ve been elected as President of the IMU Foosball club. Firstly, i’d like to thank God for always looking out for me. Then i’d like to thank Tornado for inventing such a wonderful yet addictive sport. (Yes, foosball is a sport). Also, a big thanks to all those who supported me. To name a few, Ying Hoe, Darren, Eelynn, Naz, Vanessa, Cherie, Kah Wei, Kanasai Gang, P104, P106 and the medics and all the foosers who I didn’t name. Thanks a bunch. I pledge to revolutionize the Foosball Club to make it one of the best clubs IMU has ever had, although I must say my seniors have done a great job for handling the foosball club through the years. Go Foosball club!

The foosball site is up, you can view it at http://imufoos.wordpress.com

Here you can find the latests updates and events of the foosball club.

In other news, I have been practicising for my role in the Cultural Night performance. I play a snobbish British officer receiving a pail of latex from a kuli, and paying him with toddy. Click the play button below to hear my voice!




  1. Awww.Your speech was sweet. Hehe. I can’t hear the english accent thing. Dunno why.maybe something wrong with my comp.I think you should stick to the scottish accent though.English accents are so dry and so prim and proper. Scottish sounds cheekier..didn’t someone called you cheeky?

  2. this is spam.
    Henceforth it shall be known as spam.
    Its not easy to spam when you are expected to spam.

  3. congratz!! pres of the foos!! eh.. give foosball training lar… for ppl like me! hehe =)


  5. Congratulations…Cambadee!!!

  6. hey foosball president! Congrats. Rule the foosball! haha XD And that voice thingy it doesn’t sounds like you lar! But i’ll definitely come on cultural night to see the play you perform! haha . Add oil!!!!

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