March 27, 2006

Today, Dr Yiap the timid exploded. He seemed like such a nice guy, until today's lecture.

How did it start ?

lecture today was Recombinant DNA Drugs 2. Throughout the lecturer, he
posed many questions but his questions fell to deaf ears. Its not that
we are shy to answer, but rather we DONT KNOW the answers. 

fine. First and second question, he just responded to the silence of
the class with "if you don't want to answer the question, then i'll
just move on". But on the third question, he exploded. He demanded for
a response from the class, which was only answered with more silence.
Finally, some brave girls from the class muttered out answers, answers
which weren't totally correct, but had some truth to it. That satisfied
Dr Yiap for the time being.

However, after awhile he posed
another question, and no one was able to answer it. He exploded again.
He threatened to just give the lecture and leave the class, and he
would not answer any of the questions asked by the students following
the lecture. 

Finally, students from the crowd started
shouting, we don't know the answers. Dr.Yiap's face changed from a
ferocious tiger to a laughing hyena. The lecture ended, and we were
safe. But for how long ???  

Talk about tempers, it reminds
me of that time Eelynn blew at one of our classmates during P106
orientation. Human's temper has its limits i suppose. Personally, i
witnessed one of my ex-classmates punch the daylights out of another
classmate when he finally exploded. 

I say that im a
peaceful guy, probably cuz i take out all my anger on foosball. So join
the foosball club ! For more details visit http://imufoos.wordpress.com

Recruitment drive is this Wednesday, be at MPH at 10 am- 2 pm to join the foosball club!

P.S The Foosball club offers free training 😉 


  1. A female ferret will die if it goes into heat and cannot find Khai Yong. lol

  2. to cherie’s last comment, ERRR.

    anyhoo looks like i got me lecture updates from here. haha. and today eeyan asked me why i skip class without even knowing what class i skip which kinda got me thinking.

  3. It’s like you talk such a BIG round, ended up in foosball again! haha XD

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