April 4, 2006

Dear Amah,(pronounced "ah-mahhh")

I can't speak to you in real life, so i'll just post my thoughts about you here.

I wish i could speak Hokkien, i often bring my Hokkien-origin friends to come and try to understand you but they can't seem to make out anything you say.

Why do you insist on taking your dishes back to the sink after a meal ? You always wrestle with me whenever I try to take your dishes but I don't see you wrestling with the maid.

I wish i could understand everything you say, i feel bad whenever i reply with with 'oh, bo, and bohiau'. 

Is there a word for 'yes' in Hokkien ?

How is it do you wake up at 6 oclock every morning to do the 'walking stick excercise' ?

Farting loudly when others are eating is VERY rude, Amah. 

Do you actually know its me everytime I run past you to avoid being caught up in a conversation?


Khai Yong




  1. Yes in hokkien is ‘Aaaa.’
    haha i only spoke hokkien to my grandma when she was till around!

    p.s: its beHiao no Bohiao… tsk tsk =)

  2. awwwwwwwwwww ssssoooo sweeeetttt!!!!!!!! *eyes watering up

  3. gosh you really don’t know hokkien. yes is Aaa.. haha i think.. ‘Have’ is ‘Oooo…’
    she wrestles with u cos she loves u, as in, ‘sek’ la, sayang… haha
    oops evil u, runnin to avoid getting caught up in conversation, which u cant make out anyway. hehe.

  4. […] letter is Inspired by my younger brother’s hilarious and heartwarming letter to my grandmother, who only speaks Hokkien… a language I’m only familiar with when ordering a style […]

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