Reflecting on life.

April 7, 2006

One thing nobody likes is being stood up. I have my principles in life and one of them is that whenever I promise something to someone, i will always fulfill my promise. I don't break it all because there's a better oppurtunity or something more beneficial comes up unless something really important comes up.

Anyway, Khailee won the HSBC Young Entrepeneur award. Besides earning himself a nifty 5k for him and his partner, he gets to represent Malaysia in the coming regional tournament in Hong Kong, before flying to US Berkeley for a business tour. I am really proud of him. He's such a capable person.

Looking at my brother's accomplishments, sometimes I just feel what the heck am I doing destroying the Frozen Throne and whacking hard balls into metal goal posts. I mean, its like every moment of the day Khailee is out there creating value for himself, other people and the society (haha i hope i used the term correctly), and i'm still here playing games just like i did 10 years ago. Besides, he's 22 and i'm 20, and thats not too much a difference.

On the other hand, i felt that i've learnt alot this semester. Sem 3 is coming to an end and I will be on study break to face the coming finals. I thought sem 3 was gonna be boring, but I learnt alot from it. Way more than I did for sem 2. Not just academically, but in terms of personal skill development. I quote Prof. Ong Kok Hai, " University life is not all about studying, its about developing skills and interacting with the social environment", or something like that.

What have i learnt in sem 3?

First of all, i've think learnt to be a good senior during the P106 orientation. I always looked out for my group, the Horny Angels and always worried about the progress of their signature hunt. I even took a few falls for the group, e.g getting my armpit hair counted and getting my hair styled terribly by Char Siew Pau gang.

Next, I've worked my ass of for publicity for the coming Cultural Night on the 14th of April. I've learnt how to create banners, design posters, leaflets, wallpapers, create and edit videos as well as do public speaking. (with a little help from Khailee of course). A big thanks to my publicity team, Eelynn, Naz, Cherie, Van, and Kah Wei.


Besides that, my personal goal of becoming the Foosball Club President has been achieved. I hope to shape the Foosball Club in IMU the best way I can with the help of my capable comittee, who shares an equal passion in foosball, am i right ? During the last training session, I was happy to see that the members benefitted alot from the training and I hope to further conduct effective training sessions which would really improve the standard of foosball in IMU.

My next biggest hurdle, is being the President of the convocation magazine fund raising comittee. I've heard from my seniors that they didn't get much sponsors and the comittee ended up doing all the dirty work. I don't want that to happen to me of course. This semester we are organising a small fund raising drive from the 12th to 14th April in front of the cafeteria. I have other plans for big-time fund raising which I will announce in due time.

All in all, I can say sem 3 was wonderful. I've made plenty of new friends, met loads of wonderful people and learnt alot about my strengths and weaknesses.



  1. Can really see you’ve learn alot and enjoyed alot this year! Happy for you =)

  2. Can really see you’ve learn alot and enjoyed alot this year! Happy for you =) I was hoping my life in IMU would be that meaningful too! hehe

  3. Keep on ur work n hope ur uni life…

  4. nice post ky!i like!very reflective. all of a sudden i feel old.

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