Crazy Dream.

April 11, 2006

More like a nightmare. I dunno what to call it. I dreamt i was in Petaling Street with my mom buying boxes. Yes, BOXES. So i had my eye on this box that costs 50 bucks. Someone once told me if you don’t plan on buying the box, don’t haggle with the shop owner or u’ll get scolded. Nevertheless, I wanted the box so i started haggling with the shop owner. The price didn’t go down much so I told my mum to wait there while I went to check out the other shops. Then there was this other shop selling original boxes out of no where. The price was RM 10.50. Without further ado, i bought the cheaper box. Then mum came along and i told her, “lets go mum”.

As mum was entering the Kancil, suddenly a bunch of guys with sticks came runnign towards us. I slammed the Kancil doors and told my mum to drive away fast, then i started running from the triad on foot. I ran as fast as I could when suddenly i saw a taxi driver. He signalled to me and asked me to get in. Having nowhere else to run, i got into the taxi and he drove me to the nearby police station. Upon reaching the police station, the sergeant asked for my IC and i tooko out my wallet to show him my IC. Suddenly there were 3 ICs in my wallet, I couldn’t remember who. After much fumbling, I finally produced my IC. Then i heard sirens sound, apparently the gang with sticks have been caught by the police. When i turned around to look at who was chasing me, they were all girls! One of them was a a friend of my guy friends. =P


One comment

  1. yerrr… dreams are weird.

    the other day i dreamt we were in a car and i was driving and i couldnt stop for some reason. i pressed the brakes but the car just kept speeding up and a toll was coming up nearby and i was panicking cuz you all were in the car.

    it stopped in the end but yea pmicro messes ur brains up pretty bad.

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