Excercise !!!

April 18, 2006

I just realised Redang trip is in 2 weeks time and im not in tip-top shape! Jog! Workout! Less fried food! No sweet drinks! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Oh and i think im going back to my old habits again 😦 CC-ed two days in a row so far. Shucks I really gotta stop before i fail my EOS exam.

Anyway, Sean Lennon and Yuka Honda rocks my socks. Spank the monkey. Beat the meat. Choke the chicken. Firm your worm. Answer the Bone-A-Phone. And 1 more about the rooster Hansel mentioned but i forgot. Gotta ask Dr.Kang.



  1. r those ways to memorise stuff? tell us!!

  2. eek cherie..hell no..those are not ways to memorize stuff.unless they are,but i dun think so..by the way ky, its strangle the rooster..haha.

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