New Flash

April 20, 2006

In today's news, Ng EeLynn discovers the joy of the F-Word. More on Pg 2…

Pg 2

"Some people just don't know how to park their fucking car."  – Taken from


Yes, im not kidding. FUCKING CAR


Eelynn has changed alot since she came to IMU. Before that, i still remember her as the timid Taman Tun Library girl who was studying for the SAM finals.. and now- THIS. She swears, she drinks(well not yet la), she smokes(well not yet also la) and she scolds people who get on her nerves. I still remember that time when playing the balloon game during P106 orientation…

In other news, i'm joining AC Players challenge tournament this Friday at 5.00 pm, Asia Cafe. Everyone please come and support me! Im in the College Doubles category, partnering Ying Hoe again. Wish me luck !


  1. hey gluck!!! go for goal! tongkat ali goal!!!

  2. wow..hmm..i feel mortified now for saying that word..but hey you didn’t knew me back then in the library..well..*sniffs..at least i got a whole post dedicated to me.I am eternally happy and contented..haha..
    Good Luck Khai Yong!!!

    Super Hair All The Way!!!!

  3. good luck khai yong!!

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