Body Odours.

April 23, 2006

Not mine, but my maid's – Su. As much as i'd like to deny it, the very woman who has been cooking meals and cleaning my room daily is cursed with a deathening odour. The problem is not due to her race or colour, but the fact that she bathes twice a day.

Bathing twice a day is considered quite normal for some people. But in her case, she bathes once in a morning before work and once at night after dinner. But throughout the day, she emits obnoxious odours wherever she goes. She cleans my room yes, but when i go in the room im forced to spray air refresher.

"Damn mean la u khaiyong", you're thinking. But try living with it everyday and u'll feel my plight. My eldest bro's gf tried giving her perfume for her bday. But i think the only solution is to ask her to bathe more often. Hmm, shall muster the guts to ask her one day. Don't wanna hurt her feelings.

Speaking of birthdays, here's the birthday card i made for Su on her bday (5 April).

Sadly, i don't know her age.


  1. damn cute lar your family.

    i had a maid with terrible BO once before. it was MAD!! i’d be watching tv, then she’d come in the living room to mop the floors and the smell will be so overwhelming that i have to leave. was a HUGE relief once she was gone. ;P

  2. that is a cute card..lol..yeah..i think bathing more is the only solution. and if she does bathe more..encourage her not bathe hot water..its true.

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