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April 26, 2006

(image from raydex2000 from TWC)

“Whats with you guys and dota??”

My friends often ask me that question. As a dota addict myself, let me explain why dota has become one of the hottest games in today’s cyber cafes.

In DOTA (acrnoym for Defense-Of-The-Ancients), there are 2 sides. The Sentinels and the Scourge. The aim is to take down the “Throne” of the opposite side. It normally takes an average of 1 hour per game to finish. It is a team game and is usually played in the 4v4 or 5v5 format. Okay, to find out more about dota, just wikipedia “dota”. Now, on to my review.

For a game that takes that long to finish, it can get suprisingly addictive. For example, i had a friend whom tried the game only once and got hooked on to it immediately. Why is that so? I often ask myself what is that X-factor that makes people keep coming back for more.

Firstly, dota is considered as the “in” game. For example, there are cyber cafes catered to dota. Like in SS2, there is Horus Surfer, which consists of 3 floors. At any given time, 90% of the people there are playing dota. It is famous for “random” games, where a bunch of strangers just join another stranger’s game and play together.

Secondly, compared to pool, snooker and foosball, dota is relatively cheap. Cyber cafe rates have dropped as more and more cafes are sprouting up like mushrooms after the rain. The normal rate per hour is RM 2.50 on weekdays, and RM 3.00 on weekends.

Next, would be the attractive tournament prizes. I’ve seen local cyber cafe tournaments in KL, Subang, Penang with prize money of up to RM 10,000 to be won. Every guy whose into dota would definitely try their luck at it. Afterall, its just a computer game right ?

Also, the gameplay of dota makes players come back for more. Imagine having a killing spree of 8-0 and the whole cafe booms … “MONNSSTEEERRR KILLL!!” What can be more exhilirating than the thrill of **pawning opponents over and over again ? Besides, in most games, although solo skill is important, teamwork is utmost crucial. A common tactic used in dota is “gang-banging”, where 2 or more team members surround and pound an opponent hero who is ***farming innocently. Teamwork is most crucial when “pushing“, that is when all the team members gather in the same lane and push towards the opponents throne. One of my favourite moments saving one of my teammates from a gangbang and being rewarded with his gratitude.

**pawning = killing

***farming = earning income

However, anything THIS good sure got bad things wan rite??

I guess addiction would be the biggest issue here. I have a friend who joined a dota competition on one night, lost, and had to face an exam the next day which he totally didn’t study for. Other people would crave for it after not touching dota for a short period of time. Also, in one funny incident, me and my friends had the urge to play at 12.00 am when we were short of 1 kaki for 4v4. We resorted to driving to a friend‘s house, ring the doorbell and tell our friend‘s mom that our friend had a project he needed to complete. Turns out he was sleeping so we stormed up into his bedroom and woke him up by spraying water on his face! Yes, all in the name of dota.

Any competitive game would instill competitive emotions, such as anger, rage and jealousy. Especially among hot-blooded youths like us, we are sure to emo one time or another. A pissing off situation is when you take down 950 life from a 1000 life opponent, just to be *KS-ed by your teammate with a skill that does 500 damage.

*KS = Kill steal

In a nutshell, dota will be looked by in different angles by different people. To some, it is totally unproductive and wastes time. To others, it may be a form of relaxation or it helps build teamworking skills and builds social networks. Whatever the verdict may be, just know that anything over-indulged in is bad. With that being said, anyone up for a GG?



  1. this is a guide for dummies about dota.

  2. this isn’t chess. Its not pawning. Its pwning. There is specific history behind this word…u can’t get the 2 mixed up. Also, its not gang-banging…its gank. Plz get it right.

  3. ok Serras. Before you start being so critical, i suggest you get your facts straight first u fcking noobcake. Its pretty obvious you haven’t played a game of dota. I suggest you run yourself into a tower to see what it says on the map when u die. fckin noob. And in my country, we say gang-bang. you arent from my country so stfu.

  4. A little more research before you write a review.
    I bet you cant even name 4 heroes from the game.

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