Redang Escape 2006

May 11, 2006

Friday Night
Bus left at 10:30 pm, we arrived at Kuala Terengganu bus station around 6 am.

Saturday Morning
The tourist agency people brought us to their office to relax while waiting for the ferry to arrive.

Had dim sum breakfast at some chinese place. Naz ate halal-toast.

Boarded the ferry and arrived at Redang Reef Resort at 10 am. Checked in.

Saturday Afternoon
Lunch buffet style followed by snorkeling session at 2 30 pm (no pics).



Back at 4 30 pm just in time for tea (Curry Puffs and Red Bean Soup). 6 pm its CANDAT TIME (aka squid jigging)!!

My Jigg.

Saturday Night
Still candat-ing. Had to eat dinner which was Mee Goreng with Fried Egg using my hands.
Caught myself one juicy squid which is about 1½ foot long. Will upload the pic of the squid as soon. Reached back at 11 pm, ate some malay food, bathed and slept.
Sunday Morning
Nasi Lemak for breakfast. Snorkeling session at 9 30 am at Turtle Bay. Saw A shark and a turtle (no pics again).

Sunday Afternoon
Reached back, had lunch and went snorkeling again at 2 30 pm. Went to Marine Park and fed fishes. Saw a grouper, sword fish and a murray eel. Got bit by some greedy fish.

Sunday Night
Dinner buffet style at the platform. Went and see "blue sand" and played captain ball with the class. Followed by the beach disco and ice kacang (mango nata de coco). Bathe and slept.

Dinner Time
Left at 9 30, reached Kuala Terengganu at 12 30 pm. Bus left at 1pm and arrived at perhentian bus station in KL at 9 pm.

All smiles but actually everyones sad to leave.
I miss redang 😦


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