World’s Most irritating Friendster Profile

May 31, 2006

I was checking my friendster account when some random decided to add me.



One comment

  1. oh jeisweus!!WAHHhwAHhAHWH!
    nita nata quotes, ‘Hai… AkU OrAngNyA HuMoRiS dAn nGgAk SuKa YanG PLIN-PLAN GiTu LOeH,dAn SatU HaL AkU PalInG NgGaK SuKa DiBoHoNgiN
    kLoMauKeNaL.’ (wtv she/he meant)

    Since dia seorangnyo HUMORIS, lu juga agak HUMORIS… jadi, aku raso lu haros menerimo kawansternyo.
    Go for it man! T_T

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