A night at Netmaster™.

June 5, 2006

The counter is usually manned by a quiet,lonely person. Seeing how lonely and sad he is i decided to have a little chat with him. Understanding that he looks like a China student, I mustered the long-forgotten-ancient chinese words of wisdom from the back of my head in order to strike a conversation.

"Ni zai zhe li du shu de ah?" (You study around here?)

A smile came on his face. He told me that he studies in Systematic SS2 and that his name is Liu Guang. (sounds like some romance of the 3 Kingdoms hero)  He's currently doing final year in business and that he's going back once he graduates.

I will definitely be seeing more of him. Anyway all this might sound gay and all but putting a smile on a person's face by just light conversation really brings warmth to my heart. I know it isn't much but its been years since i've did anything good and hopefully I wont get nightmares about random stuff anymore. 

Now if anybody could put a smile on my face… 

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