Back to school.

June 10, 2006

Yes its that time of the year again. 5 Weeks of holiday have withered away just like that. Looking back, I don't think i've accomplished anything. But nevertheless, i had fun. Going back uni isn't all bad, i get to see all my good friends again and also play more foos! Haha.

This semester i have 5 primary objectives:

1) Do well in exams.

2) Win the Foosball IMU Cup

3) Win the Foosball MAPCU competition

4) Raise funds for the convocation magazine

5) Get ripped and buff.
This post will serve as a reminder for me to work towards these goals whenever i start to laze around.

On a sadder note, i've got to face an english placement test the first day of the semester. Whats more is that its at 4 pm after a tiring day of classes. By then all my creative juices would have been sucked dry. I really don't know how many english tests IMU intends to put me through. First, it was IELTS for entry. Then I had an English Placement Test in Sem 1 and. Also, there was compulsory english classes in Sem 2. And then there was MUET exam which was required to further studies in UK, and now THIS.

Wat?? My england nt powderful enuf izzit?? Na behhhh !!

One comment

  1. haha. that picture looks funny

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