Khai Yong the stalker.

June 14, 2006

I suddenly felt like looking up one of my old classmates, named Wai King, as part of my mission to keep in touch with all my old friends one at a time. But i had no email contact or friendster or anything to start with.

Instinct told me to search his name for google. Among the words i google-d include : Wai King, Yong Wai King, Wai King Yong, Zirocco (His old nick name), Sirocco, Ziroco(haha), Siroco, Fat ass. Sadly however, there were a thousand people named Wai and King which wasted my efforts.

Then it suddenly hit me, he used to be an IT freak so he definitely has a blog or website. Technorati.com was my next destination. The search was "wai king", as that would be the name other people would blog about. Many entries followed, but one entry caught my attention. It was Melanie's blog. Melanie was a friend of Wai King we used to tease him about. Soon enough, there i found Wai King's pics on Melanie's blog. He still looks as gay as ever haha. Oh yea, and also, Wai King was linked to her =)

So, i dropped my msn on his chatterbox and now he's here asking me for pornoticons. wtf. 


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