MAPCU Foosball Tournament aftermath

July 1, 2006

Well, IMU lost. Am i disappointed? No, actually. In fact, i wasn’t counting on going very far because i heard people like Zayd (KDU) and Kohei (Metro) were joining. I just keep it to myself so as not to spoil my team’s hope. Everyone did a great job, and i would like to thank all the foosers, Naz, Han Nien, Hansel, Cherie, Vanessa, Eelynn, and also Hui Mei(for waiting after class). Thanks for bearing with my long foosball training hours and although we didn’t win, we are already winners in our hearts. Sounds so cliche but yeah.

This is not the end, this is the start. I hope you guys have learnt what real foosball is like and will continue to train harder to be up to standard. Sadly, i won’t be around to participate in next year’s MAPCU but there’s always other tournaments! šŸ™‚

Oh yeah, and i got some things to say to my fellow foosers.

Naz- Great job defending, keep up the good work.

Hansel- Although i couldn’t watch you play, im sure you did your best, have have good potential man.

Han Nien- Thanks for doing IMU proud by making a comeback.

Darren- Nice front shots man, keep up the good work and train more passing! See you at IMU cup.

Cherie- You are the best team manager a person could ever have.

Van- Thanks for coming to cheer us on.

Khai Yong- You look cool when you foos.

In related news, i’m joining The One Foosball Challenge next week, Rookies Singles and Doubles. Wish me luck!


  1. Will wish all the best for you šŸ™‚ good luck!

  2. heheh. yeap. just the beginning.

  3. thats the high spirited khaiyong tat i know!!

    high spirited and ultimately vain!
    yesh…tats y we all love ya

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