happy 20th birthday khai yong!(khaiyong rendition)

July 11, 2006

Before viewing, pls see http://cherielai.blogspot.com/2006/07/happy-20th-birthday-khai-yong.html

Ying Hoe : Wah, khaiyong… your fans!

Khaiyong : standard la

Hansel : (shit, his hair is good)

group photo

van and cherie : (whoa… his bulging biceps are hard and humongous … i love it)

Hansel : (shit man… i cant stop looking at his hair … yum)

we had dinner at :

khai yong: watch me drink this cup of tiger blood and balls smoothie

(naz checks out the waiters again.)

Hansel : (this is the only way i can look at his hair again without him suspecting)

hansel : cant stop looking at it

sree: i love hansel ass muscles

sree: where’s hansel?? sob sob
naz: darn i shoulda got that waiter’s number

van n del: his ass muscles are even harder!

cherie : no muscles for me to hold, ill just hold this drumsticks


One comment

  1. PFFTTTTTT!!!!!!! As if!

  2. the way u put it, you’re surrounded by gay guys and loving it.

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