The mentality of a fooser.

July 18, 2006

This is an old article, but its worth the read. Makes me really think why i foos and why i love this game so much…

The mentality of a Fooser.

A lot of times when we play foosball we wonder what is the right way to play the game. Within the technicalities of the game as well as the mentality that you must have as a player. This short note is not to tell you what to do but gives you an idea of things you can think of to better yourself as a player as well as help the game.

I personally have been playing the game for almost 10 years. I have not won any major tournaments, have lost to many players and simultaneously been trashed to kingdom come. And why do I come back to the game? Because I love it! Simple isn’t it. And chances if you are reading this, then you love it too.

But here is the answer, don’t love it because you can trash someone, don’t love it because you can shoot the meanest snake shot this side of Brickfields.

Love it because you have friends that enjoy the same joy you do. Love it because you love the game. A lot of time I see players slaving over a table learning how to do that mean snake shot. I really like these players because they want to be good at the sport. But here is the reality of it for me. I love this game so much because of the people that I have met and also the friendships I have developed.

Remember those days when you didn’t know the difference between a brush and a stick pass? And someone explained it to you, and better yet showed you what it was. I hope some of you who think about that think of me as well. Well the beauty of this game is to teach that younger player or less experienced player how to make shots. How to do the smoothest brush pass. I do not know about you but I am proud of seeing the younger players develop to levels I can’t even imagine for myself. Yes, I may have my ass kicked by them but it’s all the part of the teaching process. I hope that someday these same people will partake in the teaching of newer players.

So on my own personal take, this is the mentality of foosball. Play the game, love the game, learn the game and most of all help the game.

Don’t be scared to ask and don’t hesitate when you take that shot.

Authored by
Pietro Ambrose Felix

(taken from http://www.myfoosball.com)


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