Part 1 – ???

July 23, 2006

Here I am lying on this sheetless bed. My head feels as though I headbutted Materrazi wearing a platemail. Where the hell am I? I can’t remember a thing that happened before this. What time or day is it? For that matter… who am I?

I pulled myself to sitting position. Fuck… this bed has dark stains all over them. Haven’t they heard of house cleaning? The place smells like a locker room after a football match. I reached into my pocket just to find that I’ve got no wallet. Rats… no ID or Money. I was hoping to be the playboy millionaire which uses dollar bills as tissue paper who suffers from amnesia.

Looking for the exit, something caught my eyes. Something so random yet so intriguing. This might be the clue to the answers that I’m looking for……


  1. dude. what are you on?

  2. lol. where’d u get that pic?

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