Part 3 – ???

July 23, 2006

Before I knew it, a tall dark figure was standing in front of me. Why must all villains dress up like Darth Vader? I suddenly felt like I’m in one of those thriller shows on TV with eerie music playing in the background. Just when I was about to headbutt the stranger, he swung his mighty black knuckles at my head. The next thing I knew, I was out cold. 

When I woke up, all I felt was that same pain I had in my head. The room was just as it was, only dimmer. My first reaction was to reach into my pocket. The yellow plastic figure was stolen. What could that tall dark figure with mighty black knuckles want with it? I knew it had to be important, to me at least, but I can’t figure out what role it played in my life. So many questions left unanswered. I slowly crawled my way through the darkness towards the door. Locked. Just great. Suddenly, I remembered the lifeless figure on the floor. I searched its entire cold, lifeless body in hopes of finding some clues as to what is happening, careful enough not to put my finger prints on it less I be convicted for murder and get ass-raped in the prison showers. But whats this? I found a piece of paper in his hand, it says “seven”. I’ll just keep it in my pocket until I search for more clues.


The next thing on my mind was to find a way to escape.


One comment

  1. HAHAHAH WTF….. have you been doing weed again?

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