Back on my feet.

August 13, 2006

So i’ve been feeling real down lately but i guess im alot better now (i hope). A big thanks to all my friends for the support and love. haha.

So i was suggest to Naz that one day after exam we all pool our nice music together and just chill in the aircond room with some booze. I’ve yet to see Naz get drunk yet haha. And Eelynn can have some fresh milk or something.

Acna-care has contacted me (Finally).My shoot out is next Sunday. Hopefully my face will be pimple free by then hehe.

Hansel is good at composing joke-songs. E.g Burger man, Rempik man, wheelchair bound guy whose in love with his doctor.  He should perform in IMU to raise funds for convo mag haha.

Speaking of convo mag, bake sale raised only 70+ bucks last week. Sad, for all the effort the put in. Anybody got better fund raising ideas?


  1. haha i’ll have the fresh milk too!

    and it’s rempiT.

  2. stop correcting my spelling.

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