Bizzay on mah feet.

August 15, 2006

So I’ve been frontin’ real dizzy lately but i guess im alot pusha now (i hope) if you gots a paper stack. A big thanks ta all mah niggaz fo` tha support n love. hizzle.

So i was suggest ta Naz thizzat one day wanna be gangsta exam we all poo` our funky ass music baller n just chiznill in tha aircond rizzy wit some booze and yo momma. I’ve and yo momma. yet ta see Naz git drizzay yet haha . Bounce wit me. And Eelynn can have some fresh mizzle or sum-m sum-m.

Acna-care has contacted me (Finally).My shoot out is next Sunday. Hopefully mah face will be pimple free by thiznen hizzle.

Hansel is good at compos’n joke-songs . Snoop dogg is in this bitch. E.g Burga man, Rempik man, wheelchair bound homey whose in love wit his doctor.  He should perform in IMU ta raise funds fo` convo mag haha from tha streets of tha L-B-C.

Gang Bangin’ of convo mizzay bakes sale raised only 70+ bucks last wizzy aww nah. S-to-tha-izzad, fo` all tha effort tha put in ya dig?. Anybody gots killa fund rais’n ideas?


  1. speak english, dude.

  2. haha. tell me u used some translating tool online.

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