Khaiyong the chef.

August 21, 2006

Today was my first cooking session. When i say cooking i mean proper cooking (i.e Chinese homecooked dishes), not those fried eggs and sausages meals. Before i start, do take into consideration that im a total noob and i know nothing about proper cooking haha so lets begin.

Dish 1 – Egg with eggplantish vege (i think)

Garlic was already chopped by mom. All i had to do was heat up the pan, put some oil(i put too much so had to return some back). Over here i forgot to beat the eggs first so the oil started to burn and mom had to cut the fire. So i beat the eggs ala khaiyong method. Next i turned on the fire, put in the vege and the salt. This was followed by the eggs. Should have turned off the fire when the eggs were half cooked as the remaining heat from the pan would be sufficient to cook finish the eggs. So eggs were 5% burnt. Later on i found out that it wasn’t saltish enough so i added some salt and pepper and it tasted up to standard. =)

Dish 2 – Fried Fish cake.

Nothing much here, standard procedure. Heat up the pan, oil, dump in the fish cake. After that saw it into diagonal slices as it looked more attractive. Then i arranged it nicely on the plate.

Dish 3 – Prawns.

Prawns were ready on the table. First i had to chop the garlic. Took out a few cloves, smashed it with my cleaver of doom. Then i cut off the tip of each clove and the skin came off easily. At first i had trouble cutting the garlic, but mom showed me the way. haha im such a noob.

Chop chop.

Alright moving on, “slicing” ginger. First, use a spoon instead of knife to scrape off the skin of the ginger to prevent getting myself cut. After that, i thought it was the same as the garlic so i chopped it using the method above. Guess i was wrong. I was supposed to slice it into thin slices!! Argh…

The next step was to heat up pan, oil. Meanwhile, Added salt and corn flour(to reduce moisture) to the raw prawns. Once the pan was hot, added my chopped garlic and choppied ginger in. The aroma was orgasmic. So i tossed the prawns in and made sure that the prawns were spread evenly on the pan like pizza toppings. Then mom threw in some special chinese wine sauce and covered the pan.

After awhile, i was supposed to flip the prawns. My hands were too slow and alot of the aroma was lost. Finally, the prawns were ready to be served. It tasted alright btw.

Self evaluation: 

Practice makes perfect. First my first time, I think i did exceptionally well. Hah, i knew cooking was easy. It was just like a dispensing lab session. Tonight im cooking minced pork. And gonna learn the onion cutting techniques. P.S my hands still smell like garlic and ginger =(


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  1. lolz…orgasmic? i shd do tat be4 i haf sex.

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