August 31, 2006

Last night was the eve of Merdeka. Me and my friends went clubbing.

For most of us DJ guys, its more like an annual thing or bi-annual thing. I really don’t know why. Either we just like playing comp on weekends or we’re flat broke most of the time. Maybe its because playing comp makes us broke.

But anyway, it was really fun. It was my friend Andrew’s 20th birthday as well. Merdeka baby. Haha.

We went to this club called Maison. It look like some old pre-merdeka Melaka-ish shop houses which have been restored and the inside turned into a club. Instead of having couches at the table, they have beds instead… hmmmm… comfy.

However, one of my friends KO-ed and these stupid MCs tried to pick pocket him. Luckily he realised he was being pick-pocketed and stopped him immediately. But we didn’t take any action because nothing happened and its my friend’s birthday. Plus we didn’t wanna create a commotion.

Around 3 o’clock we headed back to Dharoos, uptown for mamak. By then i was so dizzy i almost puked. The downsides of drinking. But overall it was fun, us djians hanging out and doing stuff we wouldnt normally do.


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