Khaiyong Updates

September 11, 2006

Yes its been awhile since i’ve updated voluntarily so here it is.

I bagged Bronze for Dota in IMU Cup. It wasn’t what i expected actually, but i guess its better than nothing. Btw, we also won silver for carrom. Not a bad start for Pharmacy…
Biopharmacy class test in approximately 10 hours from now.

Now im plotting to bag gold for Foosball in IMU Cup. Just gotta train train train … especially to my teammates haha.

Now that dota competition is over i feel abit sad. I kinda miss the dota training days although it was short. Throughout the nights at Sri Petaling, i made alot of friends from other batches who were not only friendly, but nice as they also helped us train for the tourney. Big thanks to Yee Sheng and team from Klang for the match =) I learnt alot about playing as a team and realized the joys of Dota v6. Finally converted lol. Oh and im also gonna miss the Nasi Lemak Ayam and Ajimal Razim, because i wouldnt stay back till night just for nothing. Maybe I should plan a friendly between pharmacy and the medics for old times sake. Oh ya and shoutout to Van for letting me bunk in her apartment while waiting for dinner time.

To the pharmacy foosers : TRAIN HARD.



  1. good luck for foos!!


  3. CONGRATULASIIIII FOR THE BRONZE MAN! well done! Dont be too dissapointed bro. As u said, 3rd placing is better than no placing at all! T_T ugh..

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