Multi tasking

October 8, 2006

People say i cant multitask. Somehow, i think they’re right.

For example, you can bad-mouth me all you want at the foosball table and i won’t be affected at all. Too busy trying to score a goal so i can strike a post-goal-cool-pose.

Also, when I play dota at home, I always shut off the music before the game starts and i try to rationalize my actions by thinking that having Windows Media Player on will just add to the lag. (i am in high dissonance alright??)

Speaking of which, i just shut off the music so i could write this damn blog post. Does anyone else do this?

When my mom talks to me when im on the comp all i do is nod and nothing gets into my head. When i study i must have total concentration and the slightest noise from other people disrupts my concentration.

This really reflects badly on me. I’m the alpha male! I’m supposed to be perfect in all aspects! Same goes for my height. (whoever said being tall is the “perfect” height? Its how u PERCEIVE IT.)

Hey this exam stuff is cool. I can apply it in my daily life now xD.

Anyway here’s a controversial statement. Guys and girls are equally horny. Discuss. Haha.

Hopefully this will get me at least 20 comments.


  1. 1

  2. 2? haha

  3. 3…

  4. woi… dont comment like this la… like so pitiful like that…..



  5. i’m bored. So here goes.


  6. Are you kidding? Girls are even hornier than guys!

  7. you girls dont get it… i said stop commenting with a number… it defeats the purpose of the controversial question…

    7. haha

  8. girls are just as horny as guys. i’m sleepy.

  9. oh. you still haven’t grown any taller, have you? lol

  10. guys show their horniness….gurls dun really show ?

  11. oh yeah and the horniest of all is cherie.

  12. wow… it actually works!


    i’d say van the horniest tho. hahah!

  13. whee van’s the norniest. haha :PP

  14. cherie got so excited..she typed norniest…tsk tsk…just like that and he gets comment number 14..pfffttt..

  15. 15? how have you been doing btw?! Being horny these days?:P

  16. haha…funny… i’m never horny 😛

  17. LIES!!!!!

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