October 14, 2006

What better way to unwind after a grueling study break + exams than by going on a holiday.

No more dark eye rings !

In front of City Council at George Square.

Shopping spree. In most shops they provide the plastic bags but you are supposed to pack them yourself. Lazy guai lous … lolx.

Just a random street.

My future home away from home.

Quiksilver bag i bought for 10 pounds.

But you know what really grinds my gears ? UK public toilets dont have water hoses to wash your ass so you can only use toilet paper.

More to come!


  1. why don’t you have a tagbox?

  2. the weather looks really awesome there..and whoa…do contro da shopping man, Day 4 and you got all those bags already!!

  3. *control

  4. ooooo chee mun looks happy!

    but the hostel looks a bit drab. like boring. ah well. its the ppl inside that matter. hehe

  5. the people inside that matters indeed.

  6. naz, did khai yong force you to comment too like what he did to me?

  7. er….nop, twas by my own free will

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