Shopping in UK

October 19, 2006


For us Malaysians, Scotland is a shopping haven. All you have to do is buy something from UK and show it to your friends and say : “Its from UK”, and they will go oooooh.
Did you know?
Unlike Malaysians who are so bent on making money, shops in UK close at about 5.30pm. But on Thursdays its shoppng day. Shops close at a “late” time of 7 30 pm.

The UK offers a wide range of groceries for home cooking needs to light snacking. You can get food for cheap in places such as Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Farm Foods, The Co-operation.

Shopping Tip:

If you go to Co-op and Sainsbury’s at night, food items which are due to expiry the next day are reduced to insanely low prices. You can get stuff like brocoli and brussel sprouts for as cheap as 10p. Yesterday i bought 10 Sugar sprinkled and jam filled donuts for 40p.

Another tip is to not think if everything as x7. This is UK not malaysia. Get a part time job you can easily earn 5 pounds and hour which is easily RM 35 (oh crap i am such a hypocrite hahah).
Edinburgh post coming up!

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