Half Boiled Egg Recipe

October 28, 2006

Today i succeeded in making a “85% half boiled, 15% hard boiled egg”.

How to cook a half-boiled-egg without any weird contraptions.


2 Eggs

Soya Sauce



1. Remove eggs from fridge the night before. You must use eggs at room temperature. (note: my room temp is 15 degrees, you’ll have to adjust accordingly)

2. Boil a pot of water. Make sure you have enough water for the egg to be fully submerged.

3. Once boiled, take the pot off the stove and put the eggs in the water (dont crack the shell!). Cover the pot and wait 3 minutes.

4. After 3 minutes, remove the eggs, crack and pour em into a cup and add as much soya sauce and pepper as you like. Goes great with toast.



  1. never knew u could make this into a Recipe….

  2. googled ‘how to make half boiled egg’… all the way from india and stumbled upon a fellow malaysian! XD will try ur recipe tomorrow morning. thanks!

  3. haha, thanks for the recipe thought I never knew such recipe exist.
    I was just wondering how long must we leave the eggs. so yeh, thanks again.
    i’m a malaysian btw xD

  4. sedap lagi telur temela…

  5. i dont like eat half boiled egg

  6. assalamualiakum…

    nama saya amir..saya suka makan telor..
    saya kentut pun bau telur…

  7. hi..i’m cobain..i’m in the hell now..i just wanna tell of of u that i like to eat egg……tq..bye..see u later..

  8. hidup telur masak separuh!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. saya mus..saya suka mengumpat..

  10. hahaha…thanks dude. its been years since i had my regular half boiled eggs.

  11. sianzzz

    i don’t eat half boiled eggs

  12. thank,haha

  13. I was missing half-boiled eggs from Toastbox from my time living in Singapore. I haven’t been able to get them right before. You recipe worked really well. They are perfect.

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