The journey ends… for now.

November 5, 2006

And so dawns the ending of my trip to UK. Now i know i promised a London post earlier but i’m quite lazy because it takes ages to upload photos, resize and post em up. Besides I already made a Sutton post so i hope that my readers won’t give up on me. haha.

Anyways, i just want to bring up some of my thoughts about UK… Scotland in particular.

1. Eating out is expensive. But i guess if you’re working in Scotland it should be reasonably priced.

2. You have to walk alot to get to your destinations. You get used to it after awhile (or bloody sick of it).
3. MOST people are polite. There was this incident where a granny cut my line and said she was there first but clearly i was there earlier. Since i’m such a courteous young boy i decided to give in to the granny but the man who was lining in front of me fought for my justice. He told the bartender that i was lining up there for bloody ages. Nice guy him. =)

4. My favourite shops – Burton, Next, TK Maxx, Primark.  Why? Cool guys stuff for cheap prices. When i say cheap i mean after converting RM into Pounds.

So overall,  it really was an eye-opening trip for me.  I got to see how the people here live compared to Malaysia. Its winter now and im glad im escaping this dreaded weather. I seem to have caught the sniffles so my flight back is gonna be oh-so-enjoyable.

What are my plans once i get back ? Keep fit lar. Another reason why i dont eat out much here is because every meal seems to have bacon in it. Don’t they know bacon causes cardiovascular diseases?? Bah. Speaking of keeping fit, i attempted jogging several times over here. The difference is, you dont feel tired that easily but when you do, the feeling sucks. The air is cold and your throat dries up. And the term “cool down” has a whole new meaning over here. Something along the lines of freezing to death.

Btw my dear readers, i will be touching down at KLIA on Monday at 3.30 pm. Fans will have to wait for me at the arrival hall.


  1. *fans will have to wait at the arrival hall*
    u’ve got some balls to say that eh? haha

  2. love your new layout. more interesting, personalised. other than that, good to see you soon. rin bought your bacardi normal. you nonsense you, you’re going through tax-free anyway… well my mum would like kahlua so if you see tiny bottle and have enough cash, can? thanks ya…

  3. abit late there van. im alreadyu home now

  4. sighhh… ok welcome back.

  5. darn, was about to whip out the red carpet and mariachi band but oh well.

    did the heat hit you like a dozen bricks when you stepped out of KLIA?

  6. not to mention the thousand needlepoints of humidity.

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