Whats up

November 13, 2006

Haven’t been online at home for so long because my router died. Got myself a new one.

After a fun night of foos, pool and dota, we had malay stall burgers. I ordered the Daging Cheese Special – deeelicious. But i felt super guilty when i reached home so at 4 30 am, i put on my jogging attire and left the house. I’ve never jogged this early before, mainly cause i can never wake up this early but this timei could because i didn’t even sleep. I guess the guilt of pigging out during supper kept me wide awake or maybe it was the extra frothy teh ais. Anyways jogging at this time rocks! The air is super fresh and cooling, no hot sun, no cars, no distractions. Just me and mother nature.I get to go at my own pace, no one to compete with either lol. I swear i’m gonna do this again sometime in the near future.

Ahh… life without boundaries.



  1. whoa. u fret about ur weight way too much u know that?

  2. girls cant do things like this. and i think you’re too pretty for this too.

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