Pre-Semester Post

November 17, 2006

I always have a pre-semester post and a post semester post. Now its time for my bi-annual pre-semester post. Next Monday signals the start of semester 5. One of the most important semesters. Basically, you fail this you won’t be able to go UK… the land of football stadiums and British Chiqs.

Thinking back on my pre-semester 4 post, i managed 2/5 of my goals. Thats pretty bad! Well i guess some things are out of my control. Like my maid cooking super oily foods forcing me to become fat no matter how much i exercise. And i seriously could have won MAPCU if i didn’t break the fucker’s arm.

Just kidding.

Right, so this semester i have a few goals which MUST be accomplished:


2 – Raise 9k more for Convo mag.

3 – Have some activities for the foosball club. I don’t wanna leave uni with people saying: the last president sucked. Just to let you guys know, i’m planning to have free training everyweek (for real this time) and Monash + IMU Intercollege DYP.

4 – Train new batch of Pharmacy Foosers. I must continue the legacy.

5 – Become ripped and buffed.

So there you have it. 5 goals to keep me occupied this semester, then i shall be flying off to UK.  K guys and girls. Bedtime!



  1. it’s nice to see my batchmate so semangat…makes me semangat too… 🙂

  2. bball !

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