Blueserver Games 2006…

December 17, 2006

So my online dota tournament ended with a crash. I made it into quarterfinals after breezing through the group stages. My next opponent was team12, which i heard is led by none other than Elite-naraBb, a world class dotaplayer. Nevertheless, i thought what could one hero do? Besides, i’m using Viper and no matter how good the QoP is, Viper > Qop, and thats that.

So when we drafted there was an unknown fella whom my teammate said was a Pro. magi_7 something his name was. He used lone druid and well yeah, he kinda kicked our asses too. I was owning my lane… level 13 Heart of tarasque but i knew to myself if i don’t push early enough, QoP is gonna get a Divine Skadi Aegis and its Gg. So we pushed mid and got demoralised when all our heroes died. The worst part was, Mr.Achilles dropped and the new rules say that i won’t be able to loot items… And that’s particularly bad for me as my team has a reputation for DC-ing halfway… Too bad this time we weren’t that lucky. We were dealing with gosus.

So yea, we lost shamefully and i was abit upset about it, because i really felt we deserved to be in the finals (semifinals at least). I knew the rest weren’t that good. Oh well, maybe im just a nub. The team had a testimonial match with team 11 for old times sake, to help team 11 prepare against team 13. Needless to say, we kicked their asses i even had heart, divine and 2 aegis. Instead of feeling relieved, i feel even more shitty because team 11 gets to move on to the semis.

On a brighter note, i made alot of new friends this time around, and i also got to experience some tournament style-play. Sure beats the heck out off owning randoms @ FTZ-Asia Cafe. I even got to listen to an audio commentary about one of my games! Hehe. (thanks emogurl)

I saved all my replays, if anyone wants to watch them or listen to my audio commentaries feel free to drop me a comment.

Finally, to team 2, don’t be sad. It was fun training with you guys at night everyday. I actually looked forward to our training sessions everyday when i was in Uni. And btw, although we are disbanding now, we can still play pubbies right? =)

Just wanna give a little shoutout to Team2 :-

Ashinayo- (me)





I really wanted to create some “name” for myself on Blueserver before i go to UK, but i guess i won’t be able to do it anymore now.



  1. ADUH babi why sound so down lahhh
    Team 12 imba shit πŸ˜›
    Stupid m4gi pulled out to use another ID to play
    Damn unfair wei

    At least you guys started from scratch and grew into a nicely co-operating team =)

  2. all i can say is we are very unlucky to not win against team 12 which consist of m4gi , I BUT LOV U ALL wei , one of my best moments in bs πŸ™‚ including our team manager πŸ™‚

  3. yeah… team manager… ur the best!

  4. proud to be ur fren!

    Well, it’s been fun tagging all your matches and training with its ups and downs and HAHA FIRST BLOODS! =)

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