Merry Christmas !!

December 24, 2006

Hello everyone !! Too lazy to send greeting cards one by one so im just gonna give a huge Xmas greeting to everyone here =)

Merry Christmas to :

Mum, Dad, B, Khailee and Khai Siung, DJ friends, IMU friends, P105 Batchmates, Fund Raising Committee, Convo mag Committee, P104 Seniors in UK, Foosball club members, Team 2 Members and fans, Blueserver friends, my ex-S2 Classmates, Ex Jati classmates,  Primary School classmates, Kindergarden classmates and those neighbourhood kids i used to play with when i was young. Haha.

Happy Holidays and may you have a blessed new year guys!

One comment

  1. Merry christmas!!! 😉

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