January 3, 2007

This post is to celebrate me finally being able to connect to MSN… after trying for the whole day at least i managed to connect, at 2.30 am in the morning. And there’s not many people to talk to so im just chatting with my old classmate Melissa for the sake of chatting because i could finally connect to this blasted MSN. Isn’t life ironic.

Oh btw, Happy 2007. New years resolutions ? Somewhat the same as my Semester 5 Resolutions, go find it yourself.

Pharmacy Practice class test on Friday. Skipping class tomorrow because its only 1 Vijaya Class. Sleeping in rocks =)

Lets see… more random stuff.. I should rename this blog to the random-blog.

Oh ya for those people from IMU reading this, Movie Marathon starts next week, and Food Fair on 16 January. Someone buy my food fair tickets!!

So… going to UK in 5 more months from now. I still haven’t started learning how to cook properly. That shall be my holidays resolution.

Oh yea met up with my Blueservergames team at TGIF@Subang last week. Our pic is here : http://blueserver.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=29960 

Next friday they asked me to go BBQ and get drunk. I’m ok with BBQ but getting drunk with people i’m not close with in real life.. ahah i dunno…

This Sat got S2 Gathering/Melissa’s Bday.

Su(2) is getting weird.

Thats it… Gnite yo!


One comment

  1. haha..was here.. how’s ur pp3 test? im sure u r doing well rite.. happy new year too and see ya in jz 5months times.. ^-^

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