Hello There!

January 18, 2007

My titles are getting more and more uncreative.

Its been awhile since i touched the old blog.

So whats been happening lately in my life?

Gee…um… nothing much, just raised 3k in a food fair.


Oh yea i permed my hair. I could have done the usual spike top long fringe but i decided its time for something different. Everyone goes through that hair-phase every now and then. But i don’t regret. I’ve come to terms with this new style… just need some practice styling it.

So now its short fringe but on top super lots of volume.

I miss the old semesters. Sem 5 is freaking tough !! Whoever said it was like sem4 is so totally wrong. Let me tell you whats in store for me soon.

2 Feb – Drugs and Disease 3 Project dateline

5 Feb – Biopharm Class test

One week later – Drugs and Disease 2 Class test

Its starting to feel like SAM all over again. Bah.

In the other news,  You can’t judge IMU students by the way they dress – seriously. This is good advice, so if you really wanna know more about a person, talk to him/her. Nadia clubs btw, twice a month. Nadia the Holy… aka Bambi. T_T

She even goes to clubs i never heard of. I wonder what else she has done… But it was fun interogating her in workshop today and Naz is really good at asking her embarassing questions straightforwardly. Haha good one Naz.



  1. finally! an update!
    omg…din noe nadia’s like tat….hmmph…
    to nAdia: Salute u mann!
    forget wat i said about our innocent batchmates…
    I completely surrender to them!
    EVrybody has their little secrets…. *grins*

  2. whoops. might have just tarnished nadia’s good girl rep.

  3. whats there to hide? everyone clubs…
    well, almost everyone =P

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