Food Fair

January 19, 2007

I know my batchmates are gonna read this. But i don’t care. I dont ask for recognition or stuff like that. But when i read statements like “Sue Choo is the head” or “Congrats to Fionna” it makes me wonder what am i doing working my ass off for the convo mag.

If anyone deserves recognition, it should be the whole P105, coz it couldn’t have happened without you guys.


  1. Did i congrats you the other day!? haha XD i know i’ve mentioned great job to P105 đŸ™‚ but u spent alot of effort for the whole convo mag:)

  2. Hey there. Don’t be too pissed off my dear, I do appreciate the effort you put in, and I believe that other people appreciate it too.

    Don’t feel sad, you have done great job for planning the fund raising thingy (even though my movie marathon didnt go well =( ) cheerz~


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