A new card in my wallet

January 24, 2007

Cnergy card.

Today was my first time working out in a gym which I paid money for… with professional trainers and stuff… Normally people ask me … “khaiyong, do u go to the gym?”

I tell them that I just do free weights at home (barbells, push up bars and pull up bars)

But now, I can proudly say YES, although i don’t have the assets to show yet.

So yeah i was quite noobish when i entered the gym, luckily my bro was teaching me the ropes… This might be the start of a beautiful relationship …. (between me and my muscles).


Btw I dont know why im blogging alot lately… maybe its because here I can rant about anything I want… unlike my DD3 Project where everything I write must be written by somebody else inside a published journal… BAH

One comment

  1. in the process of becoming msian midget no 2?…
    tsk tsk…

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