February 13, 2007

Dear Blog,

Sorry for not posting for a very long time… As you know, I was not really in the mood for blogging as “Lost in of interest and pleasure in activities” is one of the 8 symptoms of clinical depression. But thanks to the help of psychotherapy by friends and family, there is no need for MAOIs, TCAs and SSRIs.

The 3 toughest weeks so far are finally over. Week 1 : Drugs and Disease 3 Project Dateline. Week 2: Biopharm Class Test. Week 3: Central Nervous System Essay Class Test.

I went for a job interview yesterday as a part time event promoter. I think i’m most likely gonna get it so end year holidays won’t be so boring anymore. On the down side i got fined by MPPJ for not paying my parking. Karaoke-ing, Dinner & Dota yesterday was fun, albeit being super tired. Plans now : Chinese New Year shopping… and gym. The muscles have been neglected for awhile.

So my best friend Ying Hoe has flew off to Melbourne. Going to miss the fun Subang Sessions of Foosball, Pool, Dota, & Roadside Burger stall. Ying Hoe, i want to see your new chiq soon on the webcam ok? Stay tuned for a post dedicated to you here.

Valentines day is tomorrow. I’ve got a full day hospital attachment. I think Valentines day is just another day to get emo. Pretty good excuse to ask someone out, though.

Listening to this new artist called The Hypercubes. Sounds pretty Lunabar-ish, chill out music type. I like it. Gotta start searching for more of these kind of tunes. Any good artists to intro to me?

Sigh… the importance of friends. Where would I be without them ?


  1. wao, wat a hectic life… keke… neway, im here to wish u a very happy chinese new year and Gong Xi Fa Cai.. Enjoy ur day.. ^-^

  2. happy chinese new year my friend =)

  3. yo,

    i am frequently agonizing over the fact that i am not a good enough friend. but i hope to be around for you yeah. take care, happy new year…

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