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February 25, 2007

Just got rid of a few inactive friends’ blogs and added a few new ones. Do check em out.

A new year a new beginning… Since this post wasn’t meant to be emo i’ll just stop right here haha.

My latest craze is now Call Of Duty 2. In this game, two factions – Germans and Americans battle it out on the warfield (think Zombie by Cranberries video) in order to capture the opposing team’s flag and bring it back to your own flag.

It involves alot of teamwork whether if its in defending your flag or rushing to your opponent’s base to grab theirs. Things get really chaotic when both sides have each other’s flag and are hiding in some house. Everyone is out looking for their own flag and the flag bearer is the key player in achieving victory.(you have to have your own flag in your base before you can bring back your opponent’s flag) One of the climaxes was when i had the flag and was just metres away from home base at the same time being fired and bombed from all directions but i managed to make it crawling back. Talk about adrenaline rush.

This game is great, but it will never replace my first love. =)


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