Life Updates

March 14, 2007

Sigh… why must this happen to me now. The minute i start making progress in the Dota scene… I have to leave for UK. I won’t get a chance to participate in any huge Dota tournaments before I leave. That has been one of my goals for quite sometime but i just could never fulfill it.

Anyway, not only that, i find that my life has been changing alot. All that I live for (can say lah) has vanished… Competitive foosball and the IMU foosball club, and now even Dota I won’t have a chance to make it big in that field. Summore now no girl, haha before that I sort of had everything but now everything seems to be lost.

Life in UK is gonna be hell boring. I can see it now. Nothing there but pub and casino which totally isn’t my cup of tea. I wonder what am i going to do there. But one thing is im surely gonna miss my life in M’sia, my family, friends and every single memory i’ve had here. Okay, I know its no use whining, life must go on. I guess this is a new phase of life for me. Soon i’ll be cooking my own food, washing my own clothes and ironing them all by myself. My shirts are definitely gonna have lots of creases coz i lack of practice in that.

In case you didn’t know, i’m on study break right now. Studying is boring thats why i’m here wasting my time when i could be learning what drugs are used to treat Pulmonary Tuberculosis. Which reminds me i can’t recall although i just learnt it today. Oh well, GG.

2 Weeks more and its FINALS. I can’t believe i’m finally gonna graduate from IMU. Time flies damn fast I know. Ok, chill just go with the flow like how you always have, Khaiyong.


P.s This is abit like FPB (First-person-blogging)… haha new style I am trying. xD

One comment

  1. come on Khai Yong!

    Pubs will become your kind of thing!

    You just gotta learn how to work it like you own it!

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