Meet Kelly.

March 20, 2007

This is Kelly Khoo Pui San Aka Khatijah. I am obliged to blog about her coz she made a post about me (she even promote me to other girls wah lau!!). Why I call her Khatijah? Coz  she gave me a malay name so i felt that it was only right for me to do the same for her.


(notice how mean she is, she cropped her friend off the picture)

Currently, she has a very huge pimple on her forehead and is rather insecure about it. Haha. She has a Shih-Tzu named BubbleZ. EXTREMELY CUTE. Lol. And smells good as compared to some dogs.

But jokes aside, she’s a really nice girl. Girl-friend material ? I don’t know LOL. But if you like watching korean dramas and other shows, get her to burn you some.


  1. NAHIM!!!!!!! you so going to get it from me when I see you in gym. I’m going to push you down da treadmill. HAHAHHAHAH!!! You bocoh my secret out. HMpH!!! Say until like that I couldn’t had gave you that pic of me. bleh bleh bleh. You horrible little coconut!!

  2. chun chique!!!intro!!

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