April 1, 2007

Sigh… i seem to be having the same problems i had a few years ago.

So the finals are finally over. I’m supposed to be happy but i don’t know why i haven’t achieved the level of happiness that i want. Maybe what they said in the pursuit of happiness was right. Something about happiness being not something u can achieve, but something u can pursue. Whatever that means.

My comp is freaking laggy. Time for a reformat. My msn lags, my windows media player crashes in the middle of songs. Thank goodness i still can blue but if i format i won’t be able to blue until i borrow some reinstallation cds… decisions decisions.

2 More months and i’ll be officially leaving for UK. Seems like such a short time and i haven’t even gotten cooking classes on full steam. (and ironing and sewing and handwashing – things i need to work on) haha. Btw if you are reading this, please make yourself free sometime during May coz im gonna organise a huge farewell party. Must cum ya =)))

3 am in the morning now. I’ve been sleeping at this time since 2 weeks ago. Even though i can wake up anytime i want i can’t seem to sleep past 12 noon i would just automatically wake up (probably due to boredom). But at the same time i feel really fatigued and i know i owe myself about 20 hours of sleep. Been dotaing alot lately but im starting to get tired. 7 hours per night. Haha. Not bored of it, just tired. Maybe i should do something else for a change which is fun at the same time.

Good nite everyone.

One comment

  1. i’d suggest u go reformat ur comp la…then tahan ur dota addiction wif ftz sessions first..heheh….shd be no prob gua
    havent watched pursuit of happiness…but about “Something about happiness being not something u can achieve, but something u can pursue.” ? i seem to have the same feelings…
    shall get the dvd soon!

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