Hospital Attachment @ Seremban

April 9, 2007

Today is such a busy day. From the minute i woke up i’ve been rushing my application for the Certificate of Good Conduct. Dear classmates, if you haven’t already applied for it, I suggest you do so now coz it takes 1-2 months for your application to be processed. Then, i had to pack for my hospital attachment in Seremban this week, so you guys won’t see me till the weekend. This time im bringing my camera to take some pics of the ward (if its allowed).

Finals results – Next monday. Argh… hopefully all goes well. All the best to P105!! Semoga semua berjaya melanjutkan pelajaran ke Kingdom United.

Well, see you guys soon!



  1. go for body check up isit you stupid shitty head!!! ask you to tell, you duwan. thought you goin for liposucksen since you sudah fat fat! now summore not goin gym for 1 week. surely fat in da hospital wan la u. hahahahah!!!

  2. hye. sorry for asking. i just found your blog while im searching some info bout attachment in Seremban. how is it the condition and surrounding doing the attachment there? i hope you can reply on my comment.. thanks you.

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