April 17, 2007

I now know why I don’t sleep early anymore. I was so tired yesterday after my last day of hospital attachment that I decided to go to sleep early. I woke up at 10 am and was so bored after freshening up I decided to go online. Everyone was asleep or at class.

Thank goodness my mentee finished her class early so i asked her to watch a movie.  Probably this evening i’m going jogging and who knows ? Night time Bball – followed by late night blueserver then i can go back to my old routine of waking up late again. Wootz!

Now how was Seremban Hospital attachment ? To summarize it – Tiring but fun. It was a whole new experience and Seremban has this “Kampung feel” (no offense to the serembanites) but it was something different =)  I’m not going to go into the details coz if i do i won’t have anything to talk about during yumcha sessions.

So now its back to my old unproductive lifestyle… boring and pointless. But i know when sem starts im gonna tell myself the same thing again : why must holidays be so short. rofl.


One comment

  1. hey, give zhuan kee sum publicity la! go zhuan kee!! pan mee n bubur chacha rocks! keke..*i dint spell the shop wrongly dint i* wee!!!

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