Exercise is good.

April 18, 2007

Sunday (15/4) – Night Basketball – 2 Hours ++

Monday(16/4) – Jogging 4 km ++

Tuesday(17/4) – Jogging 4 km ++ & Night Basketball 2 Hours ++

Wednesday(18/4) – Gym – 2 Hours

Thursday (19/4) – Gym 2 Hours + Night Basketball ?

Friday (20/4) – Gym 2 Hours ? 




  1. You trying to become a gym king or you wanna kill urself? No point loosing whose fats of yours la Nahim! By the way, you deleted me off your blogroll ar????

  2. excercise freak! haha..careful not to overdo it though! after u become lighter den me >.

  3. haahah… do soooo much exe.. will u lose ur fats ?
    dun too desperate ler the more u wanna lose it da more u won.. hahaha
    or izzit becos u too bored ? haahha

  4. lolz. how bored are you ,eh? plan lar ur parrty! haha. btw. i love this layout:P

  5. VAIN freak~!
    Haha.. Become mr.fit d or not ;p

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