Random thoughts

May 11, 2007

I normally bring 2 keys when i go out. House key + Car keys. But dont know why i have this tendency to bring 2 sets of house keys and no car keys. And i only realise it after i securely locked my car. This sucks.

Why do people tend to add “www” infront of their blog addresses when clearly their site is accessible without the “www” in front of it ? In fact i think it looks better without the www. Haha.

As much as 80% of red dye has faded off my hair. Which means RM 55x 80% has gone down the drain in less than a week’s time. U do the math.

One comment

  1. red fades fast what. how is it now? the last time that happened to me it was a weird copper yellow brown thing. hard to say. not very nice. haha try really good hair dye conditioner, but then again you know more hair stuff than me.

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