Penang Trip 2007

May 22, 2007

…and so i shot it right into the hole with much delight.

That was one of the fun activities i did about 5 days ago.

Daniel had suggested we play carrom, as it was one of his childhood favourites. I never played carrom before, but i thought id give it a shot.


Me and the carrom masters. I was lucky to meet up with some of my friends up north – Kah Wei and Jessy. Unfortunately for them, “carrom” is my middle name. They didn’t stand a chance. Hah! But suprisingly Jessy won after one too many sympathy shots were given to her. I guess “chivalry” is my middle name as well.


Gurney drive, looking out from the carpark of Gurney Plaza. The place has changed so much since the last time i’ve been to Penang, about 6 years ago. The carpark reminds me of Lot 10 thanks to its spiral stairway design.


I was forced to camwhore with Daniel’s younger sis – Mei Yan, despite looking awful after a long day’s journey. Btw, Daniel’s middle name is “speed”. His theory – ” I must go faster than 140km/h lah or not i will kena saman!” and also he has a tendency to pump petrol without switching off the engine. Hmmm if my mum sees this i think i’m in big trouble.

So the next day we had lunch at Kah Wei’s house. His grandma cooks excellent Nasi Lemak. After that we headed to the famous Swatow Lane for Ice Kacang and Oh-Jian.



To be continued… (i’m sleepy!)



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