Goodbye Msia

May 28, 2007

Well i was supposed to give a farewell speech during my farewell party but i was so busy having fun that i forgotten about it. Anyway, here it is :

Mom and Dad, Thanks for putting up with me for 21 years. I’m sure it was not an easy task but you guys did a great job. But seriously, i won’t let you guys down. Thanks for everything.

Dear friends,

Thanks for making this effort to chillout with my this one last time before i go to Scotland. I’ve known some of you guys many years ago, and some of you i’ve just met recently. No matter what, you guys have made my life a really meaningful and happy one, and for that im truly grateful.

DJ buddies,

Just one phonecall, and you can bet we will be hanging out at McDs before heading off to takei. I won’t forget the dota sessions, and although ill be gone for many months ill be sure to pawn your asses when i come back.

IMU buddies,

I would never have survived this 2 and a half years in IMU without you guys. Hanging out in the student lounge and playing foosball with you guys is the only time i look forward to going to uni. I also really wanna thank those who’ve been there for me through my downest moments. Thanks a bunch, and lets have a wonderful time in scotland.

DOTA buddies,

I address you guys as my dota buddies coz i dunno what else to call u all. But deep down inside, I consider each and everyone of you as my true friends. I know you guys will be there for me through thick and thin, anytime i feel like dota-ing i can count on you guys. Also, thanks for giving me that tournament experience i’ve always wanted, too bad no chance to join big tourney. But its been fun guys, thanks alot.

To everyone else,

Last but not least, every single one of you, you guys know who u are. It has been a pleasure to cross paths with you, and know that my life has been much more colourful thanks to you guys. I won’t forget you all. Do keep in touch.



  1. yo buddy…. sups man?? Dang i missed the party!
    so emotional meh your post?! lolx, bet 200 ppl will be crying/tearing after reading this man, haha. Im sure everyone had as much fun hanging with you as you have hanging with them. But no worries dei, i’ll guarantee that you’ll have a blast in scotland, to the extend that u wont even realise your so far away from home or get homesick. So, fken study hard and take care of yourself man.
    Ciao the mao!

  2. hey, mentee, mind if i re-post one of ur post bout the elderly chinese woman with her two large pots in my blog? it’s sooooo meaningful. thnks. ^-^

  3. take care my fren! my buddy ! my bro!!!!111oneonesatusatu… ahhahaha
    Hope u chase wat ur after and give it 110% and come back here with a something new~~ hehe

    Good luck and all the best in watever ur doin !!
    thx my fren. ciaoz!!

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