Welcome to Glasgow.

June 17, 2007


My house.




Just Kidding.


James Blyth Court – My new home.







Thats all for pics for now. Its supposed to be summer now but the temperature can go to as cold as 12 degrees celcius. I only jog when there’s sun, other times its too unbearable. I can cook now! I think i have a knack for cooking as a mastered mum’s oyster chicken dish on my 1st try. We walk alot here to get to our destinations. Each journey takes about 20 minutes. Don’t be suprised when you see my huge calves next year. Classes this semester are hectic. 9-5 everyday. Not much healthy entertainment here. Either you get fat or get drunk. The only thing i look forward to after classes is cooking. Groceries shopping is fun but my choices are limited due to financial constraints so usually i buy chicken. Even so i can’t buy lean chicken breasts. Too expensive! Even brown rice costs a bomb compared to white rice. No wonder everyone here is fat. But its a great experience, and its fun to be able to hangout with my whole class everyday. Everyone lives just a doorbell away. Gonna try new fat-free recipes soon. Will update again when i find the time. Till then, take care everyone!

P.S Happy Fathers Day, Pa.




  1. cool pics

  2. Better than the one I had in Australia

  3. T_T…. owns the place that im staying in man.

  4. si beh song la you pergi scotland …

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